Help us reduce preventable drownings through education
Live Learn Survive was established to advance the education of children in fire and water safety and first aid. We are a charity on a mission to teach children life skills to survive their worst day.

Only 9% of 10-year-old children know a rescue skill and in the of 5 – 14-year-olds age group 71% of drownings are boys.

By teaching kids’ life skills, they become confident, empowered and know what to do in an emergency. Through our books and education programs we help kids unleash their inner superhero.

Leigh will travel to communities that have been affected by fire and floods to teach children the skills they need to survive their worst day, so they can help themselves and their community.

Funds donated provide children with life skills education and donate books to schools and libraries with a focus on areas affected by fire and floods. It is our vision that every child has access to education, no matter their background or location.

Thankyou for your support, every dollar counts!

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