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Saving lives through education


Co-Founders Trent Maxwell, better known as Lifeguard Maxi, and Leigh Mason created Live Learn Survive with a vision to teach fire and water safety skills to children and young adults, skills that will not only help themselves but help others in the community too.

Live Learn Survive's vision is for every child and young adult, no matter their background or location, to have access to education on water safety, fire safety and first aid. In 2014, the World Health Organisation commissioned a global report, its first ever dedicated to Drowning. Their advice was that other than installing barriers or keeping children away from water the leading point of action is to teach water safety to school aged children, and Live Learn Survive does exactly that.

Maxi and Leigh have created an award- winning set of children's books, they have a podcast and have now founded their own Live Learn Survive charity, all to support water safety, fire safety and first aid education.

Maxi and Leigh travel regularly with their Live Learn Survive school-based program. Since 2018 they have travelled and met face to face with over 26,000 children in 6 countries across 3 continents educating them about water safety.

Trent Maxwell or ‘Lifeguard Maxi’, as he is more commonly known, is the youngest ever professional lifeguard to work at Australia’s world-famous Bondi Beach.

Starting as a 16-year-old trainee his 16-year career is well documented on award winning Australian TV show Bondi Rescue, airing in over 100 countries globally.

In 2016 Maxi became a Firefighter for NSW Fire + Rescue and in 2018 he became a Qualified Rescue Operator and in 2022 Senior Firefighter as part of the rescue team based at the Bankstown Fire Station in Sydney.

Leigh Mason has run her own business since 2005, a qualified textile technologist Leigh consulted many leading global brands and worked in four continents.

Now living In Australia Leigh met Maxi in 2014 and discovered they share a passion for water safety education.

As a teenager Leigh volunteered as a Qualified Student Swimming Teacher alongside her Mum who had a career as a Professional Pool Lifeguard and Swimming Teacher. Leigh is the Chairperson of the Live Learn Survive Charity registered on the ACNC in May 2022.

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