Trent Maxwell – Lifeguard Maxi

Firefighter, Lifeguard, Author, Director, TV Personality (Bondi Rescue)

Trent Maxwell or ‘Lifeguard Maxi’, as he is more commonly known, is the youngest ever Professional Lifeguard to work at Australia’s world-famous Bondi Beach.

Maxi started lifeguarding at Bondi over 11 years ago as a 16-year-old trainee and his inspiring Lifeguard career has been well documented on Channel 10’s award winning show Bondi Rescue.

Starring as lovable Lifeguard Maxi on 12 seasons of Bondi Rescue, his sense of fun and instinct to look out for others has shone through. With an authentic Instagram following of 129,000 people globally he is arguably one of the most popular personalities on the show.

In 2016 Maxi became a Firefighter for NSW Fire + Rescue, then in 2018 Maxi earned the position of Qualified Rescue Operator as part of the Heavy Rescue team at the City of Sydney Fire Station. This unique career combination see’s Maxi as a much-needed young, positive, male role model for future generations.

In 2018 Maxi added the title of published Author to his credits, releasing his ‘Maxi the Lifeguard’ educational, fictional, children’s book series, co-written with David Lawrence with a goal to save young lives. Based on much of Maxi’s childhood the books are full of valuable life lessons and water safety messages with each book covering a different topic such as Rips, Heatstroke and DRS ABCD. Maxi wanted the books to educate and entertain through fast paced, well written stories, the series is a is a must read both boys and girls aged 8-12 and is an excellent choice for Teachers to study in class as they meet many areas of the Curriculum.


In 2018 Maxi founded social enterprise ‘Live Learn Survive’ with business partner Leigh Mason with a vision to teaching life saving skills to children and young adults.

Maxi travels regularly with Live Learn Survive to conduct talks or carry out their interactive Fire & Water Safety workshops. The workshops are fully mobile and can visit schools, clubs and organisations in any community. ‘Maxi the Lifeguard’ books purchased through Maxi’s website support Live Learn Survive initiatives to support water safety education in disadvantaged areas of the community.


Lifeguard Maxi – Where you’ll find him!

Maxi gives his time as an Ambassador for Tourism Australia and Royal Life Saving Society UK where he promotes their Children's Rookie Lifeguard program. In 2013 Maxi rode a Jet ski from Sydney to Cairns with fellow lifeguard Jesse to raise awareness for youth Mental Health, in the same year he was crowned Cleo ‘Bachelor of the Year’.

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